Finding Flattop is Luanched

The around the world adventure of finding flattop has begun. Let’s say it’s been a whirlwind until this point. A couple months ago I made the decision to take an around the world trip to see and do as much as one can reasonably pack into a year. Why? Due to the current economic climate, recruiting in the construction industry, my expertise, is in the toilet. My options became clear, develop a new market, which there are not many now, or take the down time to do something wild and crazy to explore and experience new things. Obviously, you know the choice I made. I feel fortunate and somewhat guilty that I’m out on an adventure while so many others are struggling to make ends meet.

I just made the transatlantic crossing and am at the Rome airport waiting on a delayed flight to my first stop, Morocco! And taking the time to start what many have been asking me about for weeks.

I’m not quite sure where this blog will go or what will develop with it. I’m starting it to share with friends my experiences while storing a record of memories for myself. Several years ago while going through a bad economic year and simultaneously having my heart broken, I discovered that for me travel is a cure for the soul. This journey however is not due to emotional despair as has been typical for me in the past. While I’ve had my heart broken more times than I care to remember each time travel brought me back to reality and I discovered I love it to no end. Thus I am here this time for the pure love of travel and open myself to new things, new experiences, new people, new ways of thinking, and to explore myself in a way I’ve never done.

My dream, my fantasy has become to hopefully one day visit every country in the world. Will I ever make it… who knows… will I be able to afford it?? Not unless I figure a way to make a living while being on the constant move which also allows me to return home to Tampa on a regular basis.

I am going to attempt to pour my thoughts onto paper throughout this journey and hope you enjoy following along. Who knows, maybe you’ll find flattop or some might think I’m finding flattop…

I will get more posted about my departure planning and experiences soon along with the rest of my itinerary. I am extending the invitation to everyone, if you see a location on my list you’d like to visit, get in touch and I’d love to meet up with you over the next year.

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