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Hokus Pokus pain go away.  It’s been some time since I last updated anyone on my health status.  It has now been just over two years since my accident and when I last wrote I had attempted acupuncture which worked wonders on the sciatic pain.  However I was still having issues with pain when walking more than several blocks at a time.  I’d given up on the idea of ever walking pain free for more than a few blocks and have been living an altered lifestyle.

Due to a friends recommendation I was introduced to a 30 year old pain management device invented by the Russian Space agency for mitigating chronic pain, called Scenar.  Oddly while the device has been around for decades, is common in most of the world, it has only recently been introduced into the United States.  After 30 years of extensive foreign medical studies, it received FDA approval in 2010 for the management of long term chronic and post surgical pain.  At this stage very few people in the US have heard of it and even fewer are trained in it’s use.

When I first heard about the device I started googling and found very little info in the US and what I did find gave me the sense of quackery.  There are few US websites which cover Scenar and the ones that do are terribly written.  In addition, after extensive research I couldn’t find anyone in the Tampa area who had one or was  trained in it’s use.  I gave up and passed on the idea as some form of mystical magic.   Six months later, through a random encounter I crossed paths with an Australian lady who is a Scenar therapist.  It peaked my interest and back to googling,  I was fortunate and found a lady in Dunedin who had recently been certified in it’s use.

Sue, my Scenar therapist, is an early retiree who has fibromyalgia and was introduced to the device through her physician.  It worked so well in alleviating her pain, she bought one and got trained in it’s use and now does treatments on a part time basis out of a spare room in her home to supplement her retirement.   Let’s just say the situation of a retiree treating me out of her home with a device that exuded the sense of having my palm read to deal with pain didn’t at first turn me on.  I went to my first session two months ago with extreme skepticism thinking, I’ve spent thousands on other things that haven’t worked, I’ve got nothing to loose.

Hokus Pokus, the magic worked!  The next morning the day after my first Scenar session I awoke for the first time in two years with zero pain.  If you’ve ever lived with pain on an ongoing long term basis, the sudden absence of pain without being doped up is almost euphoric.

For the past two months I’ve done one session a week with Sue and it’s had a dramatic positive affect on my life.    I started with sessions on my hip but soon (second visit) incorporated treatement for long term knee pain I’ve had from surgery ten years ago.

All I can say is, before being introduced to Scenar I hadn’t had a day without knee pain (over 10 years) and hip pain (2 years).  Since it’s use I get several days a week with drastically reduced pain and sometimes zero pain.  I still have an occasional bad day and in general it has worked better on the hip than the knee.  After two months of treatments I bought one myself and have had it for a week.  I’m hoping now that I can treat myself more often than once a week it will continue to provide relief and healing.

I’m now a sold believer.  I referred a friend of mine whom had a skydiving accident last year and has had numerous surgeries this year.  She has been seeing Sue for a few weeks and has reported dramtic results as well.  A single session gives her 8 or more hours of euphoric pain relief with no meds.  She’s also reported stabbing pains she used to have daily have completely subsided.  One intersting thing it does is reduce scar tissue.  My surgical scars have gone from very noticeable to barely visible.  You have to really look to even see them now.

So what is the Hokus Pokus mystical Magic thing called Scenar.  It’s a hand held battery operated device that when touched to the skin emites electromagnectic pulses several thousand times a second over various freqency ranges that mimic the human central nervous system and through biofeedback of the bodies response, coaxes the body to release nueropeptides natrually reducing and eliminating pain excelerating the bodies healing process.  (my simplified words from explinations I’ve read).  Some people think it’s a TENS unit.  While it’s similiar, it’s completely different.

If you have recently had a surgery, or have been dealing with short or long term pain, I’d highly recommend you look into it.   Below are numerous links I’ve found on Scenar.  Note, if you are thinking of buying one, get some training on it.  In-spite of all the reading I’ve done, it’s a bit confusing.

www.scenarhealth.com/  Australian site, but best put togehter explaining/showing what Scenar is

http://scenar.com.ru/index_eng.htm – The Russian Manufacturer’s site.  Numerous medical studies on it, some only in Russian.

Where to buy in the US:




General Scenar Info:





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