Home Again

I am humbled, and want to thank everyone for the outpouring support. I have many long days ahead and will continue to need I’m not sure what support long term. Thank you to everyone who read my last post and didn’t directly pester me to find out more. I know everyone is anxious to know more but I had enough I was dealing with.

As I’m sure you know, yesterday I was released to go home six days after having a quad open heart bypass. The doc’s sent me home with a dizzying 14 prescriptons. Only one of them to manage pain. Turns out I was prescribed only the most mild of narcotics. 5mg of Hydrocodone. They had me on 10 times that while inpatient to manage the chest pain. Anyway last night my heart started racing, beating inside my chest creating the feeling I’d just ran a marathon while resting. Worry set in as a weird pressure feeling radiated out from the center of my chest. Complete different symptoms from what I had the first time, and I’m still at an early stage of complications. Concerned, I phoned the doc and was advised if it remained sustained to go in, and hence why I did a round about back to the ER.

I was quickly admitted for the night, monitored, and medicated. The biggest concern, was I having a heart attack, was eliminated. Then the waiting game of more test and multiple doc visit’s which took all day to finally get an answer. I was informed by the cardiologist this evening that I was fine but the rapid pounding heart, and associated pain is because the home pain meds were not strong enough to elevate my chest pain and my heart rate has escalated dramatically as a result, but still within a safe level. Seems simple to me, send me home with something else. Nope, not an option. After a long slimy dance of half truths and blatant lies around the reason why the doc wasn’t willing to prescribe anything stronger which escalated into a hostile exchange, the Doc cornered finally came clean. Having prescribed a sizable opiate prescription the day before to me they were under no circumstances willing to re-write a stronger script out of fear of restrictions which have been put in place on docs over pill shoppers which have plagued the indsutry. Can you Fing believe it??? I was being treated like I was a pill shopper coming to the hospital having my chest cut open so I could become an addict or worse go broker them on the street. I confronted them with, the option you’re giving me then, is “go home and self-medicate myself, by taking more than prescribed so that I can at least sleep, or take Oxy which I fortunately still have several left from my previous hip surgery” The tense environment got worse and I was immediately told I was being sent home, that I needed to get a ride and a wheelchair would be coming soon to push me to the lobby to wait for my ride. OMG, what a disaster. The doc walked out mumbling the maximum a day I could take without hurting myself. The RN watching the ordeal play out, told me to call my primary tomorrow get an appointment and get the situation taken care of. She said all the docs at the hospital are paranoid of what they prescribe. (note, the full exchange is a little more convoluted and involved the PA, too but not worth elaborating)

Know what I’m doing tommorow. I’m home safe, and not looking forward to an uncomfortable night. Good news, I’m healing well and am able to walk aroud. This will eventually pass and I’ll be healthier and stronger than before.

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