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Hello faithful readers, it’s been almost a year since I posted about my goals.  As a reminder, my goal before I die is to visit all 324 countries and territories of the world as defined by the Travelers Century Club, while using my personal story with heart disease to inspire others to accomplish their dreams as well.

I decided to end a 20 year career which I’m not only successful at, I love too.  It was a tough decision and no matter what unfolds on this journey, I know it’s the correct decision for my life.  This is a quest, a journey, and through the marvels of modern technology, I will be sharing it with others while on the road.  I’m not afraid to die, I’m afraid to not live my life with the time I have. We should all live our lives like it’s our last day here.  Yet me, and everyone I know gets caught up in all the noise not usually chasing that what they really desire.  For me, the noise was a good career, income, and a good quality of life by even American standards.   I’ve always been a money motivated person and heart disease has taught me, I no longer give a shit about money.   Albeit, I’ll still need money though to accomplish my quest.

This past year has flown by and I’ve been able to accomplish the major milestone of paying off my mortgage.  I’ve also been working towards closing out my recruiting practice.  I never imagined how difficult it would be to close a company.  I’ve had to work harder doing that than anything else I can recall.  I am not officially done and am still working toward finishing up business, which I don’t believe will be completed until the end of the year.  I am on my first trip writing this from a bus in southern Peru, and find myself on a “working” trip.  Ie working to close out a 20 year career.

While I’m fortunate to have reasonable retirement investments and savings from a career I love, I know I don’t have enough saved to accomplish my goal, even while traveling on a backpacker budget.  Therefore, I am making either the smartest or stupidest business decision of my life in the pursuit of achieving my dream.

I’m now becoming/remaking myself into a travel blogger an I am funding it with retirement savings until I can figure out how to build this blog into an income of some sort.  I will be taking several trips each year varying in lengthy based on logistics, price, etc.  Basically I want to spend 4-8 weeks traveling to new countries followed by 4-8 week home intervals.  I’ve been following several travel bloggers which have successfully developed a living form writing while they travel.  My goal is 1,000,000 million followers in the next 5 years.   I’m not sure how I’ll monetize a business from blogging while traveling, I merely know I have to develop a following and I’ll figure it out as I go and be sharing the journey with the world as I do.  If I don’t and also outlive my heart disease, I’ll have traveled like a pauper and end up a broke old guy with heart disease.  Not the ending I’m after.    I’m shooting for living healthily till 90, traveling to every country, and eventually doing it in luxury, with the girl of my dreams by my side.

To accomplish my dreams, I can’t do it alone. For someone who loathes asking others for help, I’m humbling myself and know I need everyone’s help.  Here’s the beginning of how you can aid me.  If you have enjoyed reading my earlier travel stories, then I’m asking for your proactive support.  I am going to continue writing from the heart.  Exuding through the keyboard my experiences good or bad which happen while vagabonding around the globe.   Here’s your part.

This is what you can do to help.  I won’t be able to do it without you.

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Thank you for following and reading along.  It’s an honor, a privilege, to have you cheering me on.

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