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Taxi Snafu

I haven’t traveled international in over a year and I just discovered I’m a bit rusty.  As many know, my preferred travel style is what I’ve come to call unscripted travel.  That means, if it’s reasonable safe, I travel unscripted. … Continue reading

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Travel Blogger – My New Career Endeavor

Hello faithful readers, it’s been almost a year since I posted about my goals.  As a reminder, my goal before I die is to visit all 324 countries and territories of the world as defined by the Travelers Century Club, … Continue reading

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1 Year Anniversary

One year ago today I underwent an extremely invasive surgery to extend my life beyond what nature would have naturally allowed.  I’m grateful to be alive and thankful for modern medicine.  Only a generation ago and for thousands of years before, … Continue reading

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Continued Nerve Pain

Last week I had a second nerve block completed.  I had the first one a couple weeks earlier.   The first one was a test using a steroid which would last a few hours, I was under the impression the second one … Continue reading

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Nerve Blocks

It’s been four and a half months since my chest was cut open and the doc re-arranged my insides.  I wish I could say it’s been a breeze, however the past few months have been quite grueling.  A couple of … Continue reading

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