I found these recent x-ray’s interesting of the closure of my sternotomy (cracking of the chest/sternum for my open heart procedure)

The stainless steel wires, which to me look like bread ties, will stay in my chest permanently as the bone grows around them.   I wonder if I’ll set off the TSA alarms at the airport?

For those adept at reading x-rays these show a pleural effusion, which is a fluid buildup around the lungs.  I’m told more on my left side than right.  It’s fairly typical at this stage of my recovery.


Wired Shut – click image to enlarge to see wires

(note the images incorrectly state a triple bypass when it was a quadruple)


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4 Responses to Sternotomy

  1. Tyler W. says:

    I am glad to hear from you. I have been thinking of you. Rest up.

  2. Sam. Talmage says:

    Wow! It really is amazing what they did to you! Are you feeling better? Able to get around easier yet? Thanks so much for the update – I’ve got the kids praying for you! Oh, and I am too!

  3. Flattop says:

    Yes, I’m improving regularly. Chest is still pretty sore, it’s all muscoskeletal aches on both sides of the chest. I started cardiac rehab this past week and am really enjoying it. While I feel my progress has plateaued the past couple weeks I think I’m going to start seeing massive improvement. I’m only a couple weeks away from the weight restrictions being lifted and once the chest pain is down I’ll be pretty good.

  4. Katherine Kovich says:

    Way to go Captain Mike!

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