Continued Nerve Pain

Last week I had a second nerve block completed.  I had the first one a couple weeks earlier.   The first one was a test using a steroid which would last a few hours, I was under the impression the second one they would be burning the nerves.  Turns out I misunderstood.  The doc claims due to insurance they have to perform two test nerve blocks before my health insurance will approve the procedure to burn through the nerves.

Test one worked well for half my chest.  Test two they expanded the number of nerves they numbed and I walked out of the surgery center with roughly 90% less pain than I’ve lived with.  Sadly it only lasted 1-2 hours.  But it shows promise that if they sever the same nerves I should be able to receive the same level of pain relief for quite some time.  Thus next Tuesday 4/8/14  I’ll be back under for Nerve Block #3.  This time they will be burning the nerves as they leave my spinal column.  However they are only doing one side, my right, during this treatment.  Confusing to me why only half is being done.  The claim is 1. the procedure to burn is more invasive, and 2. My health insurance will only pay for one side at a time.  (I’m wondering if the insurance explanation is true or simply an excuse for multiple procedures for the doc to bill more and make more stretching things out, anyone have insight?)  If all goes well, by Tue afternoon I’ll be lopsided with my right feeling swelling and my left still aching like crazy.  The 4th block will be done a couple of weeks later if #3 goes to plan.

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2 Responses to Continued Nerve Pain

  1. Katherine Kovich says:

    You have been so strong through all of this. I know they will help you; it just might take a little longer. Hang in there and I’ll put you in my prayers.

  2. Anush says:

    I sincerely hope that these procedures stop the pain. I found that my recent acupuncture treatments got rid of my sciatica pain and I am traveling again. Hope to see you on the road sometime, someplace.

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