My Availability

Many of you have asked about helping me out, bringing me lunch and/or dinner, and offered all kinds of assistance. Several of you have already done so and several of you are already scheduled over the next few days. For those of you that have inquired or desire to, I’ve put together a booking calendar of when I’m available/someone else has not already committed. I’ve put two rough times a day into each day 12:00 & 5:00 They are not set in stone times, merely for picking and showing my availability on a selected day. I do not need to fill every single day/time slot. The next week or two are more important than further out.

These times are only for those wanting to cook, bring lunch/dinner etc. Everyone is welcome anytime to just come hang out. Would love to see you.

Note when you are here, I may ask you to take the trash out, throw a load of laundry in or other odd task I’m limited in doing.


To Book Lunch or dinner with me when I’m available.

I have zero diet restrictions. Other than common sense heart healthy meals. Which means,

Low Sodium
Low Cholesterol
Low Fat

As for food, I eat almost anything. The only thing I hate is Tomato’s. If it smells or taste like a fresh tomato, I don’t eat it.

Forget the sweets. Keep them at home, I don’t need them.

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