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Andean Condors

It’s amazing, since I self-declared myself a travel blogger, blogging is no longer something done just for fun.  It’s something I’m looking to grow a living from.  It’s odd or maybe it’s just normal, but now that I’ve claimed it … Continue reading

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Huacachina – A Desert Oasis

Have you ever wondered if the storybook desert oasis truly existed?  You know, rolling sand dunes for miles and there in the middle of the dunes is a palm tree-lined watering hole.  Well, I’ve found/been to it.  Huacachina, Peru is … Continue reading

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Blogging Challenges While On The Road

I started this trip 3 weeks ago and blogging has been a challenge for several reasons.  1.  For the first part of this trip I barely had any internet access and when I did it was so incredibly spotty or … Continue reading

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Larco Museum – Lima Peru

I’m not into many museums.  While I see their worth and value, I typically have a very hard time getting into them.  In spite of my general lack of enthusiasm and excitement for them, I still occasionally visit ones that … Continue reading

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How I got a $243 Ticket to Peru, Brazil, & Back

Many have asked, why I choose Peru and Brazil for this trip.  Simply put, I couldn’t pass up the price deal I’m about to explain, and they were both on the list of countries to yet visit. The total deal … Continue reading

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